October 14, 2015

The FFF $10,000 Fiction Writing Contest Winner, at last!


You’ve waited a year, and the day has arrived: the announcement of the FFF Fiction Writing Contest Winner!

For those who don’t remember, the contest was held last October–November (I don’t even remember what I had for breakfast) and FFF offered a $10,000 prize to the most original and well-written novel-length story in a commercial genre. We were so excited to read some great books and discover untapped talent.

…Until we realized we now had a folder of over 500 manuscripts to review. So after a moment of panic (and a cocktail and an enormous amount of coffee), we once again were so excited to read some great books and discover untapped talent!

There were so many interesting manuscripts to consider—paranormal YA novels with great character voices, epic historical fiction mixed with scifi elements, and some of our favorite types of commercial romance. And of course, much, much more.

We’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to every single contest entrant. It’s no small step to send your work—hours and hours and hours of work—to a publisher!

And thank you, FFFans, as you waited patiently for us to review all of the manuscripts and select the winner. Without further ado, the $10,000 prize goes to…

Adrian Birch!

For his unique and absorbing novella series in the mystery/thriller category:

DEAD IN BED by Bailey Simms

We chose DEAD IN BED as the winner because it is like no other book we’ve read before, in plot or structure. It’s a zombie story, but this is no The Walking Dead. These zombies are crazed sex-fiends, who seem to look and act just like your best friends—until you realize they’re actually dead and desperate to get into your pants. It’s a story within a story with complex and captivating layers. And who can resist a chapter titled “50 Shades of Gangrene?”

DEAD IN BED tells the story of Ashley Young, who is stuck in a dead-end job in a loveless marriage. Ashley wakes up in a motel room with no idea how she got there, no sign of her husband, and no memory of the night before. When she tries to leave the motel, she finds her tiny town of Muldoon, Colorado, on lockdown. Why? A sexually transmitted plague has broken out—one that slowly transforms everyone infected into crazed zombielike sex fiends. Now Ashley must protect her family and friends (and the brother-in-law she should really stop crushing on), amidst a government quarantine that may just be a conspiracy…all while battling a disease that throws sexy pheromones all over the place.

Bailey Simms, teen author of DEAD IN BED, is stuck at home with a rare medical condition. Writing is her only escape, so she’s determined to keep her salacious series hidden from her strict father. Soon an older boy starts to secretly help her, and Bailey finds new opportunities for freedom she’s never had. But as DEAD IN BED grows in popularity, and Bailey’s fans start to clamor for the sequel, she learns that being a successful author may come with a terrifyingly dangerous price.

So, you may be wondering: who is Adrian Birch? Adrian Birch submitted Dead in Bed by Bailey Simms to FFF’s Fiction Contest. Maybe he’s Bailey Simms’ father. Or maybe he’s Bailey Simms’ captor. Or maybe he’s her creator, and Bailey Simms isn’t real at all.

Whoever he is, Adrian Birch is the contest winner!

Dead in Bed is a story told in parts. Grab the Complete First Book ON SALE TODAY, or if you’re not convinced, start with Part 1 of 7 (and we dare you not to immediately grab Part 2).


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