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Submission Q and A


(1) First things first. How do I submit?

It’s very simple: send your full manuscript with a brief summary to

That’s it! Just two things: manuscript, summary. Check and check.


(2) I’ve got half a book and lots of good ideas. Want to hear about them?

Unfortunately, FFF Digital cannot accept partial manuscripts or submissions that are in the “concept stage” at this time. However, we welcome the first completed work of a continued series.


(3) What types of books are FFF Digital looking for?

We publish commercially-oriented fiction for young adult, new adult, and adult audiences. We’re primarily interested in genre-oriented works, particularly Romance, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Horror, and Mystery/Thriller. (Exactly what we’re looking for in our Fiction Contest!)


(4) But my book isn’t exactly commercially-oriented genre fiction.

We will not immediately reject submissions that do not fit the above description—we are looking for all types of creative works that are suited to the digital space.

However, our preferences as a publisher should give you a very strong indication as to what we are most likely to acquire. We are not currently publishing poetry or picture books.


(5) I’m looking to publish my collection of epic poetry…for toddlers…in Greek. Is FFF Digital accepting [insert obscure niche genre] submissions written for [insert obscure niche audience]?

See above: probably not. But if in doubt, send it to us and we’ll take a look. You never know!


(6) Before I submit my manuscript, I want to know: What are the virtues of working with FFF compared to self-publishing?

Great question!

In short, FFF Digital becomes a partner to our authors and provides support for editing, producing, distributing and marketing their content that more likely than not extends beyond an author’s own reach and resources.

We work with authors to produce professional-grade ebooks, including editing, copyediting, and creating cover design, descriptive copy, author materials, and additional content. We convert and distribute our titles to all of the major and a number of minor online retailers and distribution outlets, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, Google, Oyster, Scribd, and Overdrive. We market and promote our authors’ titles post-publication, and publicize all of our titles through Full Fathom Five Digital’s company-wide online presence and promotions. We aim to build a strong fan-base and are continually exploring further media potential, including print publication and film production for all of our projects.

We’re also a group of knowledgeable, savvy people who are passionate about publishing and a lot of fun to work with — what more could an author want?


(7) You guys are a digital publisher. If I publish my book with you, will there ever be an opportunity to sell a hardcopy as well?

Yes! Although we’re a digital-only imprint at the moment, printing and distributing a hard copy is a goal for all of our projects. That being said, we are a digital-first publisher and we can’t offer any kind of guarantee that we will publish your book as a physical edition—it really all depends on the success of the book in question. We hope all of our books will be successful enough to warrant a print version! Realistically speaking, however, we expect a good number of our projects to remain in the digital format exclusively.


(8) If I publish with FFF Digital, will I own the copyright to my work?

Of course! As your creation, you own the copyright to your book. Just like any traditional publisher, when you sign a publishing contract with FFF Digital, you sign over certain rights so that we can legally distribute and sell the copyrighted work in your name.


(9) I have one self-published novel, one unpublished manuscript, one book that went out of print, one book that was published only in the UK, and one story that’s currently online for free. Which ones can I submit to you?

We are interested in all of the above! As long as you own the rights to your work, you can submit it to us. If the rights you own are exclusive to a certain territory, please indicate this when you submit your work.


Did we miss something? Email us at No question is a dumb question…unless we already answered it here.