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KissnTell by Allison Swan & Suzy McCoppin


Anais and Vaughn are best friends, misfits, and known throughout their high school as Anus and Vag—nicknames coined by the popular Shrew Crew. But after the sixteen-year-olds are the subjects of a humiliating prank involving laxatives, it’s the last social crucifixion they can stand.

So the girls amp up their plain-Jane looks and hit the L.A. scene with a vengeance. What starts as an innocent first kiss with TV star and mega-hunk Baron Caldwell becomes the start of a hot gossip blog,

Anais and Vaughn soon secure their place in the limelight. Anais finds a boy she really cares about, and Vaughn finds the popularity she’s always wanted. But when the girls are shaken by a devastating situation, they see their friendship fall apart. Can they use KissnTell to their advantage while getting the revenge they deserve? Or will Anais lose Vaughn to the Shrew Crew forever?


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Facebook: /kissntellbook/info

Twitter: @KissnTell_book

Instagram: @KissnTell_book

Praise for KissnTell:

KissnTell is high school drama for fans of The A List series and those of us who desperately miss Sloppy Firsts and Second Helpings.” — Nerdist

“This novel is a fun, coming of age tale of two best friends who bite off more than they can chew…[KissnTell] will have you on the edge of your seat, rooting for the protagonists and hating their frenemies.” —Goodreads Reviewer

Allison Swan & Suzy McCoppin

Allison Swan & Suzy McCoppin

Allison Swan survived her ugly duckling years by hiding in the library and losing herself in one book after another. Suzy McCoppin began her journalistic career at the trash-tastic Star magazine, where she was an undercover “club girl” for three years.


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