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Cube Sleuth by David Terruso

Cube Sleuth


Bobby Pinker hates his humdrum corporate job. He only has one friend at work, a comedian named Ron. Just as their friendship starts to blossom, Ron is found dead in the office parking garage.

The police rule Ron’s death a suicide, but Bobby becomes convinced that one of their coworkers murdered him. He starts snooping around the office, slipping voice-activated tape recorders under desks, breaking into the HR filing cabinet, and tailing people home.

Bobby’s investigation will likely get him fired. It will possibly get him arrested. And if he isn’t careful, it just might get him killed…

Cube Sleuth is a dark comedy and an amateur-detective murder mystery, a tragedy told with comedic timing, and a raunchy tale of a twenty-something bachelor whose libido leads him down a dangerous path.

Cube Sleuth, a mystery filled with richly developed characters, crisp dialogue, and boner jokes, is the first book by novelist, screenwriter, and comedian David Terruso. It is followed by Terruso’s second mystery novel, Lost Touch.

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Praise for Cube Sleuth:

Cube Sleuth is a brilliantly written mystery with a sprinkle of dark comedy.” —The Reading Bud

“Dave Terruso takes the human condition and heightens it with spectacular honesty. I was on the edge of my seat [at] each chapter—wondering what would happen to the hero. A great summer read. It's fast, funny, and interesting!” —Goodreads reviewer

“Terruso did a great job at allowing us to see inside his mind and understand his actions…The result was an insanely dark comedy, hilarious to the point of containing numerous laugh out loud moments, as well as heartwarming situations. This book had it all, and showed how to disguise a deep, meaningful story behind silly conversations about a crazy theory.” —Goodreads reviewer

"Terruso’s got a comic’s wit and [the main characters’s] got exactly none of the skills necessary for the job. Together that’s the perfect cocktail for a smart and funny distraction from whatever it is you should be doing at your own mind-numbing corporate job. Everyone loves an amateur sleuth (remember Bored to Death? You should, it was great) who trades in a healthy amount of poop and sex jokes." —Nerdist

David Terruso

Dave Terruso is a novelist and screenwriter who lives in Philadelphia. He is also a stand up comedian who has opened for Maria Bamford, Gilbert Gottfried, Dana Gould, Richard Lewis, and Charlie Murphy.


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