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Fall of Heroes by Jeramey Kraatz

The Cloak Society, Book 3

A new group of heroes has risen to power.

They’ve promised to protect Sterling City from the threat of the Cloak Society once and for all. And they have fooled everyone.

Only Alex Knight and his friends know the truth: Cloak has taken over the city—by posing as its beloved superheroes. With the real Rangers of Justice trapped in the Gloom, a second team of villains lurks underground, waiting for the right moment to attack. And this time, they won’t just stop at controlling the city. For them, the ultimate prize is something much bigger.

Cloak’s grip on Sterling City grows tighter every day. The line between hero and villain has never been more blurred. Alex must find the strength to stand against his parents, his past, and the only world he’s ever known. And in order to bring the Cloak Society to justice, he must answer the question: Can a villain ever truly become a hero?

Published by HarperCollins


Jeramey Kraatz

Jeramey Kraatz has wanted superpowers ever since he opened his first comic book as a kid. He’s a graduate of Texas Christian University and the MFA writing program at Columbia University, and the author of The Cloak Society and Villains Rising.


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