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Sadie Sugarspear and the Secret Dreams of the King, The Origin of Her Story, and The Beginning of Life by Nicole Arlyn

The Sugarspear Chronicles, Novellas 24-26

Sadie Sugarspear, Novellas 24-26

The epic conclusion to Sadie’s journey…ON SALE NOW!

As Sadie awaits her marriage to Joseph, she suddenly experiences a peace, calm, and beauty like she never has before. But in this same silence, Sadie is also reminded of the losses, struggles, and tears of her painful past.

Finally at the ending of her difficult journey, Sadie must listen to and learn from the message in yesterday’s cries as they grow louder and louder—but in order to do this she must dive back into it all, far enough back until she returns home.

Readers can finally join Sadie as her epic journey concludes in this final installment of The Sugarspear Chronicles.

This book is intended for mature audiences and contains disturbing content that may cause the reader to delve into his or her own land of fantasy…just like Sadie. 

This ebook contains the twenty-fourth, twenty-fifth, and twenty-sixth novellas in Nicole Arlyn’s epic dark fantasy series, The Sugarspear Chronicles.


Praise for The Sugarspear Chronicles:

“This book is to the literary world now what Wes Anderson films are in a world full of Magic Mike movies. It will challenge you…But if you open your mind and stretch back to the bygone era of literary symbolism that was Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying, you will appreciate the shining jewel that is this book.” —A.D. Marrow, author of Chaos and Moonlight, Book One of the Order of the Nines series

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Nicole Arlyn

Nicole Arlyn

Nicole is a writer and an actress born in Brooklyn, New York. She has worked in films such as Clay Pigeons, opposite Joaquin Phoenix; The Wedding Planner; and Brooklyn Bound, among many others.


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