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From Manuscript to Published Book

Ever wonder what happens after you sign with a publishing house? Catrina Burgess, author of The Dark Rituals series coming this October, has convinced us to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how a manuscript becomes a finished book. Tune in every Tuesday for a new installment, and check out the series on the author’s blog at!


October 1, 2015


Beyond the Page returns on a special day this week, for one epic cover reveal. Here it is—the explosive ending to THE DARK RITUALS by Catrina Burgess.

In Legion, the climactic finale to the Dark Rituals series, Colina must face her demons—both literally and figuratively—once and for all…

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September 22, 2015

BEYOND THE PAGE: Planning the Perfect Promotion

We’re ba-ack…with BEYOND THE PAGE, our blog series about turning Catrina Burgess’ Dark Rituals into a published book series. This week, we’re talking about marketing, so we have someone brand new to introduce. But maybe you’ll recognize her writing from some badass facebook post or tweet…

Caroline Breed is the Associate Publisher and Digital Marketing Coordinator at FFF. She was an English and Communications major at the University of Richmond, but took a major detour and worked at Bloomberg as a fixed income specialist for two years before landing at Full Fathom Five. In her free time, she can be found listening to Hanson, eating, and attempting to be witty. You can see these attempts on the Full Fathom Five Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and blog.

Serious questions that must be asked:

Tell us what blog you visit on a weekly basis.

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September 15, 2015

BEYOND THE PAGE: The Mystical Process of Building an Ebook

Sorry, Fathomites—the weekend is still far away; it’s only Tuesday. But chin up! We’re back with BEYOND THE PAGE, our blog series about turning a manuscript into a published book. So far we’ve given a close-up look at the editing and cover design process. But what about the behind-the-scenes stuff that no one thinks about? Like how a manuscript goes from a Word .doc to the ebook you read on your tablet or phone? Or how the look of a digital book is decided—from fonts to spacing and everything in between?

Well, as Kayla—our managing editor extraordinaire—can tell you, it’s not as simple as snapping your fingers.

Kayla: So, you’re browsing your favorite online bookseller, searching for that next book—you know, the one with an eye-catching cover and a description that piques your literary interest (all at a reasonable price point, of course). You click, you buy, and you download to your ereader of choice. Not ten minutes later, you tap the thumbnail-size cover on your digital screen and your book zooms up, opening to page one. You study the cover, flip through the early pages, peruse the table of contents, and then you read.

All of this was made possible by me. Ahem, just kidding. Well—kind of. Let me explain.

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September 1, 2015

BEYOND THE PAGE: The Final Round of Edits (Or, “Perfecting the Kiss”)

It’s September, summer is fading, and you might be back in school (or continuing to slave away at work.). Either way, you can read this under your desk on your phone, because it’s Tuesday—so it’s time for the next post in Beyond the Page. We’re throwing the doors of the publishing house wide open, and showing you how we’ve taken Catrina Burgess’ Dark Rituals series from a manuscript to a published book.

We’ve shown you how an editor picks apart an author’s work, and then how that author freaks out, explodes, dies, regroups, revises, and sends it back. In some cases, the back and forth between an editor and an author can last for years. Luckily for Catrina, we only had one more pass.

After an author returns a round of content and line edits, the editor will go back over the manuscript to check them out and add any more comments. If needed, they’ll send back another round of notes. The amount of back and forth depends on how easily the author was able to revise, and how much focus the publisher needs to put into the book. Often one editor will work on one book until it’s completely edited, but in this case, while Kayla started editing Dark Rituals #2: Possession, Samantha had the chance read over Cat’s last round of edits from Awakening. Cat did an amazing job of responding to Kayla’s notes, and Samantha had just a few more comments to add. We asked her for an example:

Samantha: There was one big thing Kayla didn’t comment on in Awakening that I couldn’t stop thinking about: Colina and Luke’s first kiss.

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