August 2, 2016

Try New Things With Little Shaq!

We want to have fun and enjoy our experiences, not be uncomfortable. It’s a challenge to face our fears and push us forward to grow. Every time we complete a new activity, our comfort zones grows a bit. The larger our comfort zones become, the more confident and adventurous we will feel. An experience that was once unfamiliar is now something we are comfortable doing.

So here are a few great ways to expand our child’s comfort zones. Why not try one today?

Try a new food

Kids’ menus consist of chicken tenders and fries or a grilled cheese. Let’s try something new because it’s so easy to expand their palettes. It’s the perfect time – summer, there are so many fruits and vegetables to make something cool, colorful, and creative. Get your kids involved in helping you prepare a meal before they eat it so they have fun making something delicious and healthy too.

Be bored

Kids’ daily lives are constantly filled with activities that seem never ending whether it be from juggling school work to the 3 different club sports they play to finding time to eat dinner and shower. Kids need to lighten up on their after school activities, TV time, and computer time. Parents’ feel that kids need to be entertained all the time, but it’s only doing them a disservice. Having free time allows kids to use their imagination and come up with creative things to do to keep themselves occupied. Their imagination can let them discover a new talent or passion. Allowing kids for imaginative play at home deter them from the normalcy of their daily routine and let them step out of their comfort zone creating something new to do.

Try a new sport

Kids love to play sports and be active so let them try something new and unfamiliar. Sign-up for a soccer club team where they can kick the ball around a few hours a week. A perfect follow-up to the fun and excitement of the Copa América. Watch the upcoming Olympics in Rio and find a sport that you’ve never seen before that looks like fun. Don’t be scared that you won’t be the next legendary decorated athlete. Allow yourself to have fun, interact with new people, and gain a new skill set.

Get dirty

Most people would think that all kids love to get dirty. False. Kids may be scared of getting a stain on their shirt but that’s why there’s laundry detergent and stain remover. Let them dive into the mud and play with their friends outside. A nice breath of fresh air. Jump into the paint bucket and finger and splatter paint away. Let all the creativity come out to play. It’s a great opportunity to keep them active while they step into a new territory.

Sit with new people at the lunch table

It may be scary to meet and befriend new people. Next time you see a group of friends at lunch, go over and sit with them. Don’t be shy, they won’t bite. You may never know, someone could share the same interests as you and next thing you know, you just found your new favorite play-date!

Talking to adults

Constantly our parents are inviting their friends over, throwing soirees, and meeting new people. It may be scary when adults approach us and start conversing with us, almost feeling like we are in an interrogation but that fear must be overcame. Next time you’re out with your parents at a restaurant, try talking to the waiter and order your food instead of your parents’ being your voice. When kids start doing things on their own they learn manners and self-reliance.

Speaking in front of a class

Some kids may have a natural talent for speaking in front of a crowd and others dread the day that show and tell comes. You can start off small, perhaps presenting in front of your parents and siblings and then growing your audience. Try asking some of your parent’s friends and their children to let you perform in front of them until it doesn’t scare you to be the center of attention.


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