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The King and the Courtesan by Angela Walker

King and the Courtesan


Melissa Thatcher is a prostitute from Metro, the slum of Zinya City. Each day, she witnesses horrific violence and clings to an addictive drug nicknamed “street dust” just to get by.

When an extremely wealthy drug lord, Ezekiel, discovers Melissa, he promises her unlimited street dust in exchange for her services as a permanent escort. Ezekiel is dangerous—hypercritical, violent, cold, and calculating—but what can Melissa do in the face of a promise to change her life forever?

Simultaneously drawn to and repulsed by Ezekiel and his methods of control, Melissa finds herself caught in a web she cannot escape. She soon realizes that no one disobeys Ezekiel and gets away with it—no one.

Angela Walker’s debut novel, The King and the Courtesan, tells the story of a man’s addiction to power, and a young woman’s struggle for freedom.


Angela Walker

Angela Walker

Angela Walker started writing at the age of eight, and she hasn’t stopped since. When she’s not writing, she’s an artist, daydreamer, and chronic internet surfer. Sometimes she leaves the house, but only when her refrigerator is empty.


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