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The Lesson by Evie Phillips

Relationship Status Rewind, #3

Relationship Status Rewind #3 The Lesson

The late nights continue for Relationship Status fans, as the Rewind Novella series action goes deep in THE LESSON. The third novella in the Relationship Status universe tells the stories of the beloved characters before they hit the big screen as an official selection of the Tribeca Film Festival and debuted as an original series exclusively on go90.

Ever since college, it has been Wes’s mission to get his uber-nerdy, uber-nice friend, Evan, out of his shell and into the game. Now their buddy Max is on the project, too. But, despite his huge brain and a sweet finance job lining his pockets, Evan continues to struggle with romance. Convinced a coworker’s message is the start of a relationship, Evan turns to the boys for help…only they don’t see a relationship developing, they see a booty call. After Wes and Max take it upon themselves to help Evan with a last-minute, cram session on bedroom “behavior,” he trudges off into the night ready as he’ll ever be for his final exam. Hopefully Evan paid attention in class because this test is pass/fail.

Make sure to see how the Relationship Status story continues with all of the novellas and watch the original series from StyleHaul, Divide Pictures and Full Fathom Five on go90.


Evie Phillips

Evie Phillips is a debut author. She loves candy.


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