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The Red Bishop by Greg Boose

The Red Bishop


Lake Price isn’t your average teenage girl.

Sure, she and her friends are doing what many other high school kids do on Cape Cod: heading to Chatham Manor—nicknamed “Hell”—for a good scare. But for Lake, it’s more than just a thrill-seeking game. It’s what keeps her alive.

Ever since her brother, Kimball, disappeared four years ago, Lake has needed the danger and the fear to feel anything but numb.

But on this night, “Hell” has more in store for Lake than she ever anticipated: A handsome stranger from the 17th century, a modern love triangle, a coven of witches, a hint that Kimball may still be alive… and the start to something that only she can finish.


Praise for The Red Bishop:

"The best part of The Red Bishop is the creep factor. These witches are seriously creepy. Seriously. Creepy…The hair on my arms stood on end and I had to turn on every light in my home. Yeah.” —The Write Reader

"Lake Price may be yet another regular teen plucked from obscurity for a quest only she can complete. But unlike the sweet nerds that Harry Potter and Percy Jackson once were, Lake's got a serious dark streak... Boose's prose is quick, dark, exciting. He's got the thriller element dialed. There are shades of Stephen King in the breathless horror of it all. This isn't your everyday YA novel, there's way more to it." Lauren Herstik,

“There is time travel, magic, romance, mystery, betrayal, and a bit of an epic quest.  The cast of characters is just as diverse...I’m hoping it is a cliffhanger for another book in the future because I want to know MORE!” — The Caffeinated Diva Reads

Greg Boose

Greg Boose is a writer and editor living in Los Angeles with his two young daughters. He is the former Los Angeles and Chicago Editor for BlackBook Magazine, and his work has appeared on/in NPR,, McSweeney’s, Time Out Chicago, The Huffington Post, and more.


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