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Sky Key by James Frey and Nils Johnson-Shelton

Endgame, Book 2

Endgame is here.
The world begins to crumble, unravel, go mad.
But the Players still Play.

Earth Key has been found. Two keys—and nine Players—remain.
The keys must be found, and only one Player can win.

Queens, New York
Aisling Kopp believes the unthinkable: that Endgame can be stopped.
But before she can get home to regroup, she is approached by the CIA. They know about Endgame. And they have their own ideas about how it should be Played.
Ideas Aisling never considered.
Ideas that could change everything.

Kingdom of Aksum, Ethiopia
Hilal ibn Isa al-Salt narrowly survived an attack that leaves him horribly disfigured. But he lives, and he knows something the other Players do not: the keplers interfered.
They are not supposed to interfere.
But the Aksumites have a secret that is unique to their line. A secret that can help redeem humanity—and maybe even be used to help defeat the beings behind Endgame.

London, England
Sarah Alopay has found the first key. She is with Jago—and they are winning.
But getting Earth Key has come at a great cost to Sarah.
She cannot forgive herself for what she’s done. Her mind slips and shudders and torments her.
The only thing that keeps the demons at bay is Playing.
Playing to win.

Sky Key—wherever it is, whatever it is—is next. And all nine Players will stop at nothing to get it.
Endgame is here.


James and Nils

James Frey and Nils Johnson-Shelton

James Frey is originally from Cleveland. All four of his books were international bestsellers.
Nils Johnson-Shelton is the author of the Otherworld Chronicles.


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