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Absolute Lovers by SJ Hooks

The Absolute Novels, Book 2

Absolute Lovers


Professor Stephen Worthington has been schooled in the bedroom by free-spirited student Julia Wilde. But what started as a casual arrangement has turned into so much more—at least for Stephen.

Head over heels, Stephen is tired of being just “sex buddies.” Julia’s resisting, but her blithe attitude towards keeping it casual may just be a front. Can he prove to her that their amazing sexual chemistry can mix with romance and ultimately win her heart?

In this eagerly awaited sequel to S.J. Hooks’ successful first novel, Absolute Beginners, readers will find themselves riding alongside Stephen and Julia’s highs and lows as their friends-with-benefits relationship reaches a crossroads. Absolute Lovers humor and romance will tease and delight both dedicated fans and new readers alike.

Absolute Lovers is the final installment in the Absolute Novels series.

*This novel contains mature content.

Praise for Absolute Beginners, Book 1 in the Absolute series:

“…a rare beast among romance novels…heated and passionate.” —Romantic Times

"SJ Hooks puts a unique spin on the teacher student taboo with an exploration of sexual awakening, and the tangled webs weaved through secrecy and deception. Absolute Beginners is a promising debut. I can't wait to see how Stephen and Julia's tentative, illicit relationship unfolds." —Helena Hunting, New York Times bestselling author of Pucked

Absolute Beginners is a hilarious and fun romp through a college co-ed’s education of her older, inexperienced professor. She’s going to teach him a LOT, but only if he can keep it all a secret! Tear off the bow-tie, Mr. Teacher. It’s time to get schooled!” — Shay Savage, USA Today bestselling author of Transcendence

Absolute Beginners is just so much fun…. Stephen's character is so set in his ways, older than his years, and organized to a fault (my heart ached when we learned why). Julia Wilde completely rips his life apart at the seams and it was SO MUCH FUN to watch him change over the course of the story. [It’s] damn good erotica, too. With a plot…about possibly finding that thing you didn't even know you were looking for, even when it was right in front of you the entire time. " —Amber L. Johnson, author of Puddle Jumping

SJ Hooks

Although she is a native of Denmark, SJ Hooks has always had a keen interest in the English language. She has a BA in English Literature and is close to finishing her MA in American Studies. As a student and a working mother of two special needs children, her days are busy.


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