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Sam by Susan Shultz

Tales From the Graveyard, Novella 4

Sam, Tales From the Graveyard

It’s been five long years since the horrific murders that took place in the house on the hill, and the little town Ainsley Price once lived in seems to be moving on.

All except Sam—sweet, loving Sam.

With his pregnant wife, Claudia, by his side, Sam decides to live in the house that was once Ainsley’s. He hides the gravestones that stand like solemn reminders in their yard and tells his wife that everything is all right.

But Ainsley knows that isn’t true.

Ainsley knows his secrets.

And what he thinks is dead will rise again.

Sam is the fourth and final installment in Susan Shultz’s dark series, Tales From the Graveyard. Haven’t read the series? Start with The Blacksmith.


Susan Shultz

Susan Shultz is a writer/journalist living in Connecticut with her husband and two children. Susan is the editor of The Darien Times, a Hersam Acorn newspaper located in Darien, Connecticut.


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