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Bury Me With Barbie by Wyborn Senna

Bury Me With Barbie


Most Barbie collectors have been known to say, “I would kill to have that…”

Caresse Redd is an underpaid journalist, an overworked single mom, and a Barbie doll enthusiast.  She spends her free time writing for Barbie International magazine and chatting on the Best Barbie Board, where collectors from across the country unite online to talk about everything Barbie—usually.

Lately, they’ve been talking about murder.

P.J. Croesus has been wronged by the Best Barbie Board one too many times. Now, she’s out for blood. Her murders are becoming more and more gruesome, but that’s OK with P.J… She’ll have all of their dolls when she’s done.

As Caresse is about to find out, playing with Barbies just isn’t the same these days.


Praise for Bury Me With Barbie:

“I loved this book! The author obviously researched the world of Barbie and Barbie collectors, to be able to give such intricate details…I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves a good thriller.” — Book Babble

“Senna gives us a great story that is hard to put down, leaving us spellbound and giggling along the way to a pivoting, unexpected, and altogether satisfying end.” — Kit Duncan, Open Salon

“…this is a book that will keep you laughing at the same time as you’re on the edge of your seat following the mystery.” —Goodreads reviewer

“This was a really fun and fast-paced read. You can really tell that Wyborn Senna knows her barbies!” —Amanda Black, author of The Apartment series

Wyborn Senna

A recognized writer who works in the entertainment industry in Burbank, California, Wyborn Senna has a B.A. in journalism from St. Bonaventure University in New York and a Masters in Professional Writing from USC.


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